How to Choose Toys for Children:2022 0-6+ Baby Toys Selection Guide

Children always need toys, especially children's holidays, moms and dads always want to buy their babies some of their favorite toys, although there are many toys for babies, but the holiday without toys, is not complete, babies also need a sense of holiday ritual ah.

However, you think it's fun he does not like, under the blood of the gift he will not play, to choose a gift for the baby how so difficult?

Toys selection, age-appropriate is very important, different age of the baby has different cognition, combined with the developmental characteristics of the baby, picking gifts will not worry.

A.M.L according to the age characteristics of the baby, organized 0-6 + years old children's toy list, not only the holiday, usually choose toys can also refer to ~



0-1-year-old baby toys selection guide

 - 0-4 months old baby

 A newborn baby can only lie around to see, vision can only see 20-30cm, choose some toys that can stimulate the visual and auditory sense is very good.

Black and white cards/color cards: a great attraction to the baby, color contrast, can stimulate the baby's vision, the brain development is also very good.

 Baby fitness frame, this is a must-have tool to free the mother's hands, baby can lie down, lying down, but also training kicking, stepping, lifting, rolling large movements, as well as hand grasping and other fine movements, the baby can also play for a long time each time.

 More is a good helper for 6-month-old baby to learn to sit, is one of the essential toys for the first year of life.

Manhattan ball rattles: very light, convenient for small babies to practice grasping, small rattles can also stimulate the baby's auditory development Oh.


- 6-12 months of age baby

 This time the baby can sit, like to take the toy knocking, shaking, throwing toys is a daily drama, baby super happy ah ~

Not to fall, a small ball or stuffed animals and plush toys: perfect for babies like to throw the hobby of moving things, fallen and fun.

Picture books: this is a good time to train your baby to read, but the baby's attention is not yet focused, choose hole books, flipbooks, three-dimensional books and touch books, both as toys, to meet the desire to explore, but also in advance to familiarize your baby with the existence of picture books.

 Early education machine: to listen to children's songs, listen to English, from childhood to sharpen the ears, to promote language development, or baby's sleep artifact, is one of the baby's playmates throughout childhood.



1-3 years old baby toys selection guide

 At this stage, the baby's motor and cognitive abilities have improved, he has learned to walk, his language skills are getting stronger, and he likes to imitate, so there are a lot of fun toys at this stage.

Puzzles: can develop children's problem-solving skills, concentration and thinking, but a wide variety, this stage to choose a small number of pieces, a single shape of the puzzle, the focus is to buy the baby's favorite animals, cars, will be more interested.

 1-2 years old is suitable for playing matching-type wooden puzzles toys, to 2-6 years old choose pattern-based wooden puzzles toys.

 Large particles Lego: Lego has a natural attraction to children, is very educational toys, children in the construction of continuous observation, try, very exercise the child's creativity, imagination and concentration.

 1-3 years of age, suitable for children from large particle blocks, entry-level play, fewer parts, easier for babies to distinguish and assemble, a set of toys can play for months, super cost-effective.

 Blocks: very beneficial to the baby's spatial imagination and creativity, to meet the baby's need to build at will, you can also use the blocks to recognize colors, shapes and so on, so that the baby play to learn, learn to play.

Mom can try to build with the baby, or lay flat, but the baby may prefer to push down the blocks (do not ask me how to know ~)

  Picture books: can always be used throughout the baby's growth, both to develop the child's reading skills, but also to create parent-child reading time together.

1-2-year-olds: choose picture books with animals, simple repetitive rhyming language, and rich pictures.

 After 2 years old: you can use picture books to help your child develop good habits, and rules.

Roleplay: also known as pretend play, in the pretend process, let the baby familiar with the daily social life, but also constantly use language communication, cooperation, improve language expression, the mother can buy kitchen house and small doctor role-playing, the child will like oh.



3-5 years old baby toys selection guide

 3-5 years old: baby's attention span can last more than 5-10 minutes, curious about new things, the development of large movements is also better, this stage to choose some exercise children's concentration, improve the child's cognition, exercise the child's movement toys.

Magnetic piece: that is, toys with magnetic, piece and piece can be easily adsorbed together, is one of the baby must enter the toy, play a variety of ways, boys and girls are suitable.

Earlier children more than 2 years old can get started, you can recognize shapes, colors, build flat puzzles through magnetic pieces.


3, 4-year-old children, you can spell out a variety of three-dimensional structure through the magnetic piece to help children train imagination spatial ability.

 Board game: is a " smart toy ", in the vernacular: the board game is the props on the table, according to the rules set to play the game, can improve the baby's concentration and problem-solving skills, but also a good toy that can promote parent-child relationships.

The traditional chess, go, bouncing chess belong to the category of table games, but the modern table games are more fancy.

Around 3 years old board games are basically designed around the baby's daily life.

 Large / small particles Lego: according to the child's acceptance level, choose the baby's favorite scenes, cars, planes, fire engines, chutes, etc., a set of blocks can let the child play most of the day, the mother saves energy and worry.

Power sand: children love to play with sand, mud, in kindergartens and parks, there are special areas for children to play with sand, these toys are very open, there is no fixed way to play, depends entirely on the child's creativity and imagination.

 Babies can poke holes in the sand, press handprints, pinch at will, and also use the cup as a mold to build tall buildings and castles, a good toy for babies.

Balance car, scooter, bicycle: the growth of children can not be separated from the movement, after the age of 3, you can choose balance car, scooter and bicycle, both to exercise, but also to develop the baby's sport hobby, simply perfect.




6 years old + baby toys selection guide

 Children over 6 years old, more like a "small adult", the baby's motor skills, hand-eye coordination, more know how to comply with the rules of the game or sport, all aspects of the ability to take a step closer.

At this stage, a variety of board games, small particles of Lego, puzzles, magnetic pieces, jigsaw puzzles, dominoes, text more picture books, are very suitable Oh.

A gift that matches the age of the baby, carefully selected by the mother, can open the window of the child's interest, and most importantly, let the baby in the holiday leave a good and happy memories, this is the real meaning of the gift it ~

 Choose the right gift for the child, the child likes, the mother happy!




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